About Us

We are Trish and Bob Schwenkler, #1 ASEA  earners with 20+ years of full-time experience in network marketing.

Trish Schwenkler

In 1993, I was a stay-at-home mom raising our three children. Bob was the breadwinner. He earned a nice living and life was good!  This was until we had an economic recession of our very own. Bob came home early from work one day and he had been downsized. That was the day we learned that "job security" is an oxymoron!

Bob decided to go independent and worked as a consultant and developing products for the semiconductor industry. In the meantime, I was introduced to the wonderful world of network marketing through a product that literally changed my life for the better. Bob's independence as a consultant allowed him to help with family duties and with the behind the scenes for my fledgling networking business.

It was definitely a learning experience and lots of hard work, but after 4 years I was making in a month what Bob had earned in a yearBob's 'job' wasn't 'cost effective' anymore!

Robert Schwenkler

So Bob joined full time with Trish, helping out with the phone calls, with the back office and with developing world-class web based support structure for the team. 

After 7 years in our former company, we advanced to the highest rank possible in the company. We stayed with that company for 15 wonderful years, but in July of 2008 we decided it was time for a change, and subsequently sold that business. (Yes, a network marketing business is a saleable, willable asset!)

In transition, we had some great learning opportunities with some good companies, but kept hoping to find a new "home." I wanted a company with "soul," a company that I could once again give my heart to. 

ASEA was the answer! Trish and Bob are founding ASEA Triple Diamond leaders in Boise, Idaho- with lots of MLM leaders advancing with us (24 diamonds+) and really this is just the start!

We love the product, management, and our up-line/down-line, team. We really do have the most amazing team support and we're having fun!

Want to learn more about ASEA and how you can get started in the ASEA business? Contact Trish and Robert Schwenkler today!