ASEA Founders: Verdis Norton, Tyler Norton

Have you seen how the “flavor” of a company is set from the top down. A look at the ASEA founders will give you a taste of what the company, ASEA, is about.

Verdis Norton

Verdis Norton ASEA FounderVerdis Norton has a distinguished career working with top level companies directing Strategic Development. He was Vice President of Strategy for Kraft Foods and served as executive and strategic consultant for many Fortune 500 companies. Bottom line- Verdis helped struggling divisions become profitable, not through ax and cut but rather through strategic analysis and improvement in workflow. Verdis has developed a proprietary business planning system that is successfully implemented in leading companies around the world. What we totally appreciate is how Verdis has brought this world class business stategy to bear in the MLM world here with ASEA. This is huge and is in large part why ASEA is on track to being a very large, long lived MLM opportunity.


Tyler Norton

Tyler Norton ASEA FounderTyler Norton has more than two decades working extensively in the financial services and management consulting industries. He has worked in top management positions for top companies including Beneficial Financial Group and Insphere Insurance Solutions (Goldman Sachs and The Blackstone Group), where as Senior Vice President he reported directly to the CEO. Tyler worked with his father to develop SrategicLink which encapsulates and teaches the astute business principles that his father, Verdis Norton, had used so successfully in industry. Thousands of individuals, companies, and non-profits around the world have benefited from this StrategicLink process. Tyler has a passion for and is expert in brining these success principles to life in leadership trainings for ASEA.


We love the mixture of world class conventional industry experience along with the top notch MLM industry executives that the ASEA founders have assembled.

ASEA has been profitable since year one and has developed a top notch corporate culture and ethos unlike any we've seen in our MLM experience of over 20 years. Integration of StratLink principles into ASEA meetings and trainings provide a totally new and extremely valuable experience to even the most seasoned network marketing veterans.

Everything ASEA does is guided by a singular commitment to the personal development and education of ASEA Associates. 

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